Foreign Languages Center

 The study plans adopted by the Foreign Languages Center at AIU revolve around two major scopes:

1. English as a foreign language:

 At Arab International University (AIU), English is taught on a number of levels to improve and enhance AIU students’ English levels through helping them read, write and speak better as well as carry out their courses fluently in English.

Students attending AIU vary in their levels of English proficiency due to background disparity, and so the Foreign Languages Center allows each student to undergo a placement test as to determine their level in English, the placement test consists of only four levels, level four being the highest.

The Foreign Languages Center at AIU adopts an advanced and distinguished curriculum for teaching the four levels of English, and through this framework, a popular and global series from Cengage named Pathways has been selected in collaboration with the famous educational institute: National Geography.

The purpose of the aforementioned curriculums is to provide simple yet effective teaching methods to stimulate the minds of our young learners. The Center provides practical reading lessons and short educational videos to help students absorb information much more easily and effectively, these lessons are further amplified by giving students extra online quiz sheets to test their improvement. It also provides optimum methods and the most advanced linguistic laboratories for its students, add to that, faculty members at AIU adopt the finest expertise in teaching this curriculum to grant AIU students the best possible benefit from their studies.

The Foreign Languages Center further enhances the four English levels by allowing students to enter two major fields after completion:

  1. Specialized English: This qualifies AIU students to easily major in a particular field after further improving their English basics in this field.
  2. The second field teaches and qualifies students to pass national English examinations (particularly IELTS and TOEFL). This gives AIU graduates the opportunity to directly get accepted into foreign

2. Teaching other foreign languages:

The Foreign Languages Center at AIU does more than just teach English; it embraces teaching the basics of German, French and Spanish. It’s also worth noting that our institute is well-known for achieving excellence in teaching Aramaic as it is an important historical and cultural language.

We would also like to inform you that our foreign-institute-crew is prepared to exert all possible efforts to achieve our vision and goal of leveraging our students’ English proficiency, so they can carry on their studies in top worldwide universities and improve their study here at AIU. The university is also qualified and ready to supply students with all the necessary information they need to study abroad (America and Europe).

Head of the Foreign Languages Center

Mr. Majed Issa