Human Resources Directorate

AIUHR Vision

“To be a global model of excellence and leadership in Human Resources”

The vision of the Human Resources Directorate (AIUHR) at AIU is achieved through implementing the most advanced methods and practices in administrating Human Resources and through inventing new solutions as well as focusing on quality of our elites here at Arab International University (AIU). AIUHR is especially committed to achieving a distinctive vision for our students.


 AIUHR Mission

  1. Improving the quality of performance of our AIU elites in order to achieve the vision of AIUHR.
  2. Providing an environment to leverage the performance of faculty members and administers at our university.
  3. Providing top quality services in the fields of: Employee relations, compensation, selection and recruitment.
  4. Professionally developing AIU students and the Human resources management.


Fundamental Values:

Excellence - Leadership – Integrity – Creativity - Teamwork.

AIU and AIUHR have realized that the distinction and success of this institute lies behind the excellence of its staff, thus the importance of AIUHR stems from selecting the elite of academic and administrative members of multiple experiences. AIUHR acknowledges the importance of its staff’s continuous development and hence, seeks to enrich this development by providing the best opportunities and training programs as well as developing their career paths and dealing with them on a performance basis.


If you would like to be a part of this special group, please come and join our team! Participating here at Arab International University, will grant you the following:

  1. Medical insurance.
  2. Social insurance.
  3. Annual salary increase.
  4. Periodical compensations.
  5. Annual leaves & exceptional vacations.
  6. Transportation to and from the university campus.
  7. University clinics.
  8. Internal or external training programs.
  9. Participation in social events.