Architecture - Mission & Vision


The Faculty of Architecture at the Arab International University strives to graduate highly professional engineers capable of synthesizing knowledge, creating large-scale engineering solutions in the residential and commercial built environment for a wide range of investors, and competing in the design and innovation of various engineering projects.

Through its advanced curricula, the Faculty sponsors gifted and talented students by providing them with high-order thinking skills which enable students to convert ideas into designs and solutions that meet the needs of local, Arab and international markets.




  • To graduate architects capable of meeting the urban needs of the local and international business sector.
  • To deepen the exchange of engineering expertise with partner universities in order to enrich students with knowledge that enables them to join diverse working environments and to deal better with multiculturalism.
  • To develop mechanisms of scientific thinking and creative artistic work in order to provide high skilled architects to the local, Arab and international markets.
  • To deepen students’ research skills for preparing them to pursue their academic achievements in the field of architecture.