Simulation for Computer Sciences Education

  • 07 Sep 2013
  • Academic staff's Published Research - Informatics & communication


Mouhib Alnoukari, Moutasem Shafaamry and Kinaz Aytouni

Published in

Communications of the ACS, Vol. 6, N0.1 (2013)


Computer Simulation is a powerful technique for education in many different fields. This paperwill cover the use of Computer Simulation tools for Computer Sciences education. The paperwill try to answer the following question: Are the simulation tools essential in Computer Sciences education or they are just a support method for helping the education process?Our paper will providemore details about using simulation for computer sciences disciplines such as software engineering. The paper will highlight the importance of using simulation tools by adding more insight into aspects of computer sciences functions that cannot easily observed in traditional laboratories.

Keywords: Computer Simulation, Education, Simulation Tools.

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