Public-Key Cryptography in Sensor Networks

  • 07 Sep 2005
  • Academic staff's Published Research - Informatics & communication


E.D. Manley, J.S. Deogun, and H. Al Nahas (USA)

Published in

From Proceeding (474) Wireless Networks and Emerging Technologies - 2005


Interest in using public-key cryptography for securing sensor networks is increasing. While the computational demands of many public-key algorithms has ruled out their use in sensor networks, recent studies have shown that some public-key algorithms can be efficiently implemented on certain sensor nodes. However the use of public-key cryptography in distributed sensor networks presents authentication problems. Without addressing these issues, the network is open to attack by imposter nodes. We present a hybrid scheme that uses shared secrets, preloaded on nodes with a random key pre-distribution scheme, to allow for node-to-node authentication so that trust may be verified before setting up cryptographic keys with public-key methods.

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