Applying Adaptive Software Development (ASD) Agile Modeling on Predictive Data Mining Applications: ASD-DM Methodology

  • 26 Mar 2022
  • Published Resarch - Informatics & Communication


Mouhib Alnoukari, Zaidoun Alzoabi and Saiid Hanna

Published in

International Symposium on Information Technology, 2008.



As the world becomes increasingly dynamic, the traditional static modeling may not be able to deal with it. One solution is to use agile modeling that is characterized with flexibility and adaptability. On the other hand, data mining applications require greater diversity of technology, business skills, and knowledge than the typical applications, which means it may
benefit a lot from features of agile software development. In this paper, we will propose a framework named ASD-DM based on Adaptive
Software Development (ASD) that can easily adapt with predictive data mining applications. A case study in automotive manufacturing domain was explained and experimented to evaluate ASD-DM methodology.

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