In vivo study of the burns healing activities of extracts prepared from plants spread in Syria (Rose Damascene, Geranium spp., centaurea spp., portulaca spp.) and study of their chemical composition

  • 15 Oct 2022
  • Ongoing Research - Pharmacy

Bassel Al Badawi – Jamal Darwicha


Post Graduate Studies & Research Council Meeting No. 10, 3/10/2022

Date of Acceptance


Several previous studies were conducted on plants, which included investigating the healing effect of burns for each plant separately. Among the plants that showed the most healing efficacy for burns among the individual herbal preparations, Allium sativum, Aloe vera, Centella asiatica and Hippophae rhamnoides showed the best activity in healing burn wounds.

Our research deals with the study of the restorative or healing effect of burns for a group of plants spread in Syria, known or expected to have an adjuvant effect in healing burns, which have not been previously studied within this field or have been studied individually without sharing them together plants and formulate a skin preparation from its extracts and study its restorative and hemostatic effect as an adjuvant therapy In cases of light and medium burns, by applying it to experimental animals.