The Russian-Ukrainian war and its impact on global energy resources -The European Union as a model-

  • 16 Sep 2023
  • Recently published Research - Law


Khaled Albatran

Published in

Al-Baath University Journal, Volume 45, Issue 11, August 2023.



Energy is one of the variables that take a major role in the nature of relations between countries, and this applies to Russia in the nature of its relations with most countries of the world, especially European countries that depend on Russian energy.

The study works on showing how the Ukrainian crisis contributed to producing successive crises, the largest of which was a global economic downturn, but the war between it and Russia in February 2022 resulted in a crisis in global energy resources.

The study seeks to explain the causes of the Russian-Ukrainian war and how that war was reflected on all warring parties. Ukraine will come out with huge debts to the European Union and the United States of America, and the withdrawal of Western companies from Russia and the restriction of the Russian financial dealing system will have a negative impact on it in the future. As well as the union of European countries from the rise in their energy prices, the gas crisis and inflation, knowing that before the war there was a decline in interest rates and huge debts for European countries with limited income.

The study concluded that these repercussions will push Europe in its search for an alternative to Russian energy, from other countries, or an alternative to renewable energy, and that Germany and France are no longer in control of the European Union, and this leads to an imbalance of power within the Union, and this pushes the countries of the Union to reconsider. its defense policy system.

Keywords: crisis, European Union, energy, Russia, Ukraine, United States of America.

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