Quality and Accreditation

The foundation for the accreditation and quality of study programs within Arab International University (AIU) was established at the beginning of 2008 under the name “Board of Quality Assurance and Accreditation”. The Board of Quality Assurance and Accreditation has shown effective results in students’ production since its launch.

After realizing the importance of the accreditation system and quality assurance, AIU sought to adopt an approach to amplify the university’s efforts on maintaining high educational standards. The approach involved working with Total Quality Management (TQM) to improve the overall production quality and efficiency at AIU.


Total Quality Management objectives

The TQM approach has many goals, notably:
  1. Helping our AIU postgraduates achieve the highest quality standards that will earn them a respectable role in society and give them the opportunity to specialize in whatever they want.
  2. Graduating highly qualified students able to face all challenges with a sense of initiative and motivation.
  3. Suppling our AIU postgraduates with all they need to face the immense scientific and technological revolution which requires them to practice, and constantly develop themselves and their knowledge in order to adapt to their ever-changing surroundings.
  4. Instilling ambition in our AIU postgraduates and undergraduates and having them look towards achieving and reaching a better future and a more prosperous life. 
  5. Enabling students to reach a higher level of effectivity and efficiency due to the improved services provided by AIU. This would, in due course, supply the community with communicatively, practically and scientifically eligible graduates.
  6. Having university employees participate in making work-related decisions, this in due course, will increase loyalty, improve work efficiency and enhance the level of service provided by AIU.
  7. Making use of all available resources, management systems and modern technology to reduce university expenses.

Expected Total Quality Management outcomes

TQM also has many beneficial outcomes, notably:

Through this approach, AIU aspires to further communicate with worldwide quality assurance and accreditation agencies to obtain national recognition for its programs and institutional work through implementing all the accreditation regulations issued by the Ministry of Higher Education in the Syrian Arab Republic.