Equality & Sustainability Center

Equality and Sustainability Center
The goals of the Equality and Sustainability center (E&S center) is to enhance the role of female academics, through increasing the number of women present in decision making and senior management level. E&S center aims to contribute to improving operations management at AIU by promoting a culture of gender egalitarianism, female leadership role model, and empowerment.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to empower women at AIU though capacity building, raising awareness and community engagement for equality and sustainability at higher education sector and the society at large

Vision Statement

Our vision is to be the first Syrian Higher Education Institution in the scope equality and sustainability establishing a culture of Egalitarianism, Sustainability and Empowerment


The E&S Center aims to:
  1. Increase the number of female representation at entry, mid and senior levels.
  2. Empower female academics, administrative and decision makers at AIU and build human capacity through designing a series of training in the scope of digital, soft decision-making and leadership skills and executive leadership.
  3. Enhance the development of research and innovation through establishing a network of researchers in gender and sustainability issues at local, regional and international levels.
  4. Raise awareness in the scope of equality and sustainability through awareness workshops provided to internal and external stakeholders including our academic and administrative staff, students and community at large.
  5. Conduct Policy Implication forEquality and Sustainability including university governance, employment conditions, pay gap, safe working environment and female career advancement.
  6. Build networks with individuals, organizations, and associations from national, regional and international scope, public and NGOs in the scope of equality and female empowerment.

The Main Pillars of E&S center at AIU

Equality and Sustainability Center Functions and Activities

 The AIU Equality and Sustainability center (E&S center) is divided into four functions based on simple functional structure. The following functions are outlined as follows:

Capacity Building

The first function is based on establishing capacity building in training and workshops in the scope of soft, digital, technical, interpersonal and employability skills designed to address the needs of trainees, including academics, administrative, decision makers and students. In addition, the E&S center provides training workshops in the scope of Female Empowerment, Equality and Sustainability in higher education sector.

Dissemination of Equality and Sustainability

The second function establishes dissemination and communication services for E&S center with its target groups. This function provides dissemination and communication of the center activities and services. Dissemination and communication activities include designing and implementing awareness workshops in the scope of gender equality, sustainability in higher education and female empowerment in the workplace.

The E&S center supports developing networks between AIU and the business sector and social communities. One of the most significant objectives of the E&S center is working on is supporting female academics and decision makers to develop successful networks linking academic sector with the professional sector and the community at large.  The E&S center supports developing partnership building to NGOs and associations and organizations working in the scope of Female empowerment, and gender equality and sustainability.  Finally, the E&S center works on designing and implementing academic and scientific conferences in the scope of Equality, Sustainability and Female Empowerment. 

Learning and Research

The third function is based on providing learning and research support for academic researchers and students who seek scientific and academic support in the research related to gender equality, female empowerment and sustainability issues in higher education. The E&S center provides research support to academic researchers and students who aim to develop research in the scope of gender equality and sustainability issues. The E&S center also provides professional support associated with curricula integration in course offering at AIU.

Psychological Support
The fourth function is based on providing psychological support and counselling services for students, academic and administrative staff, and creating a free gender bias environment and woman friendly professional space.
Equality and Sustainability Center Functions and Activities
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