About AIU

Arab International University:
The Arab International University (AIU) is a private Syrian university established in 2005. Its academic plans, the documents and the scientific researches issued by it are approved and certified by the Ministry of Higher Education in the Syrian Arab Republic.
The university works to achieve the following goals:
  • Preparing a distinguished generation of university graduates who are able to meet and advance the specific needs of society.
  • Contributing to theoretical and applied scientific research that serves the purposes of national development. Work is being done to urge professors and academic staff to scientific research and participate in conferences and seminars that organize research.
  • Achieving partnership with prestigious Arab and foreign universities with the aim of continuous development and modernization of academic work and conducting joint scientific research.
  • Attracting distinguished academic and research competencies by providing the appropriate environment for their work.
Why the Arab International University?
It is one of the first private Syrian universities that have been established and inaugurated in 2005. It has been able to attract distinguished educational, research and administrative competencies, to create an integrated edifice from the academic, organizational and administrative aspects. It was able to graduate cadres of distinguished innovators by providing an educational environment based on unique qualitative and material ingredients, including:
  • Modern and advanced study plans based on the credit hour system.
  • Carefully selected educational cadres.
  • Modern scientific laboratories and a laboratory for electronic libraries.
  • Physical and moral incentives for students.
  • Application of interactive teaching methods.
  • Academic and educational guidance and counseling.
  • A wide range of scientific cooperation agreements with local, regional and international universities of reputable reputation.
  • Multiple agreements and memoranda of understanding with many civil society organizations.
  • A proper campus with all the facilities of science, sports and entertainment, which we encourage you to visit and learn about their features.
  • Student activities and clubs of all kinds: athletic, cultural, scientific and social. 
 How is it like in the Arab International University?

The university years are a time to build a student's future, and we will be by our students' side every step of the way

  • The knowledge and experience that student acquire in the lecture hall and laboratories will help them in developing themselves. They will provide them with reasons for success in the chosen specialty.
  • The student activities will help in expanding students’ horizon and develop his abilities.
  • The activities of training, clubs and sports will enable students to develop their talents, and may even help in discovering new talents.
  • The scientific research he presents will help him apply his scientific expertise.

We collected all aspects of correct university life in our university to be a successful investment in the student's time, mind and soul in order to reap the benefits of his work and the time he devoted in the coming years.

Campus and infrastructure
  1. The campus is located on the international highway linking Damascus and Amman, 35 km from Damascus.
  2. The total area of the campus land is (713,395) square meters, and the total area currently invested does not exceed (350,000) square meters.

The university campus includes:

  • Multiple buildings with a floor area reaching approximately / 100,000 / square meters, and serves educational, applied and administrative purposes.
  • Gardens and outdoor spaces of up to / 300,000 / square meters, surrounding buildings.
  • Its modern sports facilities, including an indoor swimming pool, gymnasiums, and a number of open and closed courts...