• 24 Mar 2021
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A lecture entitled “The Strategy for the Rehabilitation of the Damaged Historic Cities - Old Aleppo.” A model in the College of Architecture

Valuable lecture by Dr. Ali Ismail: Director of the Aga Khan Trust for Culture in Syria.
In the presence of the President of the Arab International University and the administration of the College of Architecture represented by the Dean of the College and the two Administrative and Scientific Deputies, and with the distinguished participation of the faculty and students of the College of Architecture, Dr. Ali Ismail gave a valuable lecture on the research and application strategies and methodologies adopted by the Aga Khan Foundation in the rehabilitation of damaged archaeological sites in The city of Aleppo: a case study, Al-Saqatiyah Market, as the first restored market in which the Foundation won the Ichrome Prize for Heritage in Sharjah, where he spoke with a lot of passion mixed with optimism and hope about the institution's unique experience in the process of restoring and rehabilitating Al-Saqatiyah market, starting with assessing the damages and parts. Destroyer, using the latest technologies and assistive tools, leading to the development of strategies centered on preserving the human and cultural heritage and work methodologies targeting people and their needs as a fundamental goal in achieving development, and finally by emphasizing the importance of the participation of the local community as a key actor for the success of any project.
The lecture included a group of valuable interventions and discussions that enriched the dialogue.
The College of Architecture thank Dr. Ali Ismail for his generous attendance and valuable lecture.