Prof. Dr. Ehssan Antabi


Prof. Dr. Ehssan Antabi


Professor at the Faculty of Art
The Arab International University, Department of Optical Communication
2006-2013 Dean and founder of the Faculty of Arts
Arab International University, Damascus
Design and implementation of stained glass of the Damascene Sword at the Umayyad Square in Damascus in cooperation with the sculptor Mustafa Ali, area 200 m2 ; Structural study of metals by Dr. Eng. Ramez Raslan

Ecole nationale superieure des arts decorative. Paris - 1974

2017 Solo exhibition entitled "Seen" at Art House Gallery, Damascus
2005 Participation in the Syrian-British Cultural Week
 Exhibition of contemporary Syrian art,
 Film entitled "Syrian Art, 12,000 Years", "Worship and Duty"
2004 Solo exhibition in Al-Adwani Hall in Kuwait City
Participation in the 20th International Biennial of Graphics, Brno, Czech Republic
2001 Participation in the 13th International Biennial of Declaration, Lati, Finland
Contemporary Syrian Professional Exhibition, Beirut, UNESCO Exhibition House
1998 An invitation from the Danish International Museum of Posters to get a collection of works of the permanent exhibition
1997 Four Syrian Artists Exhibition, Sharjah Museum
1993 Solo exhibition , Gallery Atassi
1986 An invitation from the Henry Lancloa Museum (the French Film Library) to acquire some of the cinema posters and adding them to the permanent museum collection
1982 Participation in the Contemporary Syrian Graphic Art Exhibition, Cuba
1981 An invitation from the Pratt Graphic Center in New York for study and research
Participation in the International Photographic Exhibition - Photomontage - Bologna 140 years of photography, adopted in the German art dictionary "Thieme - Becher - Kunstlerlexickon"
1979 Participation in the International Painting Exhibition in Barcelona, Spain
Inter Graphic Exhibition - Berlin, East Germany
1976 Participation in the International Biennale – Venice, Italy