Communication Lab

The lab is focused on familiarizing students with the analogue and digital and digital communication / telecommunication basics used ...

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Computer Networks Lab

This Laboratory aims to provide students with practical experience in computer networks design, building, testing, and administration.  ...

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Electrical & Electronics Circuits Lab

This laboratory is used to run experiments of Electric Circuits, Electronics Fundamental and Electronic Circuits Courses. The Lab includes ...

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Physics Laboratory

This Laboratory is used to run Physic courses Experiments, This includes basic physics experiments and some advanced major dedicated ...

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Optical Communication 2
Optical Communication Lab

This Laboratory is used to run Optical Communication experiments and activities, including: Measurement of optical wave guide principles ...

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Microwave Lab8
Microwave Lab

This Laboratory is used to run Microwave Engineering experiments and activities, including: To use of AWR-DE Microwave Office in designing ...

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