A Proposed Model for Predicting Financial Loss of Private Conventional Banks in Syria

  • 09 Mar 2021
  • Ongoing Research - Business

Alaa Salhani


cPost Graduate Studies, Research & IR Council Meeting No. 4, 28/2/2021

Date of Acceptance

This study aims to predict the probability of financial loss before several periods for Syrian private conventional banks. To achieve this, a sample of all private conventional banks that are listed on Damascus securities exchange (11 banks) has been selected during the period (2011 – 2019). Financial Ratios were calculated using quarterly, semiannually and annually reports. Data was analyzed using Binary logistic regression. The statistical results show that the logistic regression models are accurate to predict the probability of a financial loss about 82.9%, 81.9%, 80.2%, 78.7% before 90 days ,180 days , 270 days, one year respectively.