An Analytical Study of the relationship between the general high school average and the Graduation Average in Syrian Private Universities: A Case Study of Arab International University

  • 13 Mar 2021
  • Ongoing Research - Other

Prof. Tamer Al-Haja and Associate Professor Aref M. al-Swaidani


Scientific Research Council Meeting No. 5, 1/7/2020

Date of Acceptance

This study aims to investigate the relationship between the general secondary school average (as an important input from the educational process inputs and an important criterion for the admission of Syrian students) and the graduation average (as an important output from the educational process output) for Arab International University students. This relationship is important to assess the feasibility of continuing to adopt high school averages as the sole factor or the most important factor in Syrian private universities. The sample of the study consists of the data of the Syrian and Arab students registered at the university from both sexes and from all colleges over a period of five years. The variables of the study include the student's high school average, the type of certificate (scientific, literary, technical...), the source of the certificate for the student (Syrian, Arabic, and foreign), the gender of the student (female, male), the type of college (theoretical, scientific). Traditional statistical analysis methods such as simple linear regression will be relied upon, as will the use of artificial intelligence-based prediction methods.