Efficient Resource Manager for workflows Application in Cloud Federation Environment

  • 30 May 2021
  • Ongoing Research - Informatics & Communication

Sira Astour


Post Graduate Studies, Research & IR Council Meeting No. 5, 23/5/2021

Date of Acceptance

Cloud computing is a new paradigm for providing computing services on demand over the Internet.

Federation Cloud is the next evolutionary concept carries out by interconnected Clouds and using federation concept among them in order to achieve Quality of service (QoS), reliability, and cost-efficiency.

Workflow applications occupy a large share of today's applications executing in cloud computing environments. Workflows need to be co-allocated on different resources, which may be heterogeneous, in order to be executed efficiently.  The complexity of workflow execution in a large-scale distribution system, such as cloud federation, manifests in the precedence constraints between consisting tasks. The management of the total execution of related tasks of a workflow is a hard problem due to the co-allocation problem of the tasks to distributed on resources that may be overloaded, which leads to an increase in response time and a low success rate of workflows execution in clouds. This problem is augmented in a time-sensitive workflow and may result in the system rejecting the execution of such QoS workflows.

The main goal of this theoretical research is to propose a new system that manages efficiently the execution of time-sensitive workflows in cloud federation environment in a way that improves the response time while increasing the throughput of the cloud system.