Globalization and the spread of English in Arab Societies

  • 16 Sep 2023
  • Published Resarch - Other


Ranwa Khorsheed

Published in

24th Warwick International conference in Applied Linguistics, Transcending Dialogues, 28-30 June 2022.



Studying the effects that globalization has brought on Arab youth from multiple perspectives -Psychological -Cultural -Linguistic This study tries to highlight the status of The English language with regard to world globalized realities, focusing on Arab societies in general and on the Syrian society in particular (Syrian Youths).The aim of this study is to examine the role of Youth culture in students’ development of integrative motivation to learn the English language with regard to their habitual use of English multimedia taking into consideration their aspirations of a cosmopolitan self image.

Keywords: Globalization, status of English, Arab Youth, language spread.

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