Discounts and Scholarships in AIU

The Arab International University offers a variety of grants and scholarships aimed at motivating students and pushing them towards academic and cognitive achievement that enables them to obtain better study rates and thus improve their professional and scientific opportunities after graduation. Some of these discounts have a social dimension, or for closer ties with civil society institutions.

1- Granting Excellence Award:

The Arab International University has a large package of excellence grants and discounts, the most important of which are:

  • Full annual grants for the top five in the high school "scientific branch"
  • 740 Partial Grant Grant (applied to credit hours fees), offered to outstanding students per semester and distributed according to the following:
  • 100 scholarships for each of the Faculties of Pharmacy, Dentistry, Information and Communications Engineering, Civil Engineering, and Architecture (distributed at the rate of 10 scholarships per semester - 20 scholarships per academic year out of the five academic years).
  • 80 scholarships for colleges of BusinessAdministration, Arts and Law(an average of 20 scholarships per academic year).

The discount grants are distributed per semester to students each academic year in each college according to the following table:


Minimum GPA in the semester:

Discount rate













Fourth to tenth


These deductions are granted at the end of each semester for the next semester, provided that the student is registered in it, and that his/her record is free of disciplinary penalties. There is no cap on the number of classes of benefit.


2- Brotherhood Discount:

The university offers the first and second brothers enrolled in the university a discount each semester on credit hours fees of 10% each, a 15% discount for the third brother, and a 10% discount for the fourth brother. For this discount, a copy of the family card is required.


3- Unions Discount:

The university offers to the children of members of the professional syndicates contributing to the university (doctors, pharmacists, dentists, engineers) a 20% discount on the credit hour fees. For this discount, a document proving the membership of the union is required, along with a copy of the family card.


4- Discount for children and staff and academics of the university:

The university offers a 20% discount for the children of full-time members of the educational body at the university, and a 10% discount is given to the children of its employees. To obtain this discount, a copy of the family card is required.


5- General Controls for Discounts:

  • It is not permissible to combine two types of discounts mentioned above, unless one of them is a discount of excellence,
  • In the event that the student deserves two types of discount, the highest will be given.