Dr. Mahmoud Al-Sarran

محمود الهران

Dr. Mahmoud Al-Sarran

Associate Prof
Arab International University (2017- present):
Constitutional Law, Financial Law and Administrative Judiciary.
 Damascus University- Graduate Studies (2013 - present):
taught in French: Human Rights, Public Administration, Local Administration and Public Domain. Arabic modules: Tax and Customs Legislation, Special Customs Regulations, Real- Estate Investment Development and Organization, and Administrative Contracts.
 Damascus University- Formal Education (2013- present):
Constitutional Law, Financial Law, Tax and Customs Legislations and Administrative Law.
 Damascus University– Open Learning (2013 - 2018):
Public Finance, Administrative Law and Financial Control.
 Syrian Virtual University (2013-present):
Human Rights, Legal Scientific Methodology, Administrative Contracts, Constitutional Law, Administrative Law, Financial Control and Public Finance.
 Qalamoun Private University (2012-2015):
International Criminal Law, Diplomatic Law and Business Law.
 Ministry of Justice - Judicial Institute (2014-2015):
Specialized lecturer in customs and financial cases.


1- Doctorate in Customs Legislations, University of Paul Cézanne, X Marseille III, France, 2011.
Thesis Title: Prospects for developing the Syrian Customs System in the framework of Syrian-European Partnership.

2- Master of Science in Finance and Social Sciences, Jean Moulin University, Lyon III, France, 2005.
Thesis Title: Euro-Mediterranean Partnership.

3- Master’s degree in Public Law, Faculty of Law, University of Damascus, 1998.
Thesis Title: Expiry of the administrative contract in the theory of unforeseen circumstances.

4- Diploma in Administrative and Financial Sciences, Faculty of Law, University of Damascus, 1997.
Thesis Title: Harmonization of public budgets of the state with the social and economic development plans.

5- Degree in Law, Faculty of Law, University of Damascus, 1996.


Journal of Damascus University:
Research on Customs Contravention (2020),
Research on the Liberalization of Goods Trade (2018).
Research on the liberalization of trade in services and capital (2018).