AIU - Mission & Vision


The Arab International University as a private Syrian university seeks to be a leader and a distinct institution in higher education and scientific research; to be a platform for the transfer of knowledge, values and traditions at the regional and international level; to apply quality-approved standards locally and globally and to draw a great deal of teaching and research interests to serve the community.


  • Provide a distinctive scientific environment for faculty members and students of the university.
  • Apply  permanently  updated lesson plans in line with international scientific developments.
  • Provide all human, material and organisational requirements to ensure the proper functioning of the educational process.
  • Develop students' applied skills.
  • Encourage academically outstanding students financially and morally.
  • Select the best academic and technical educational staff to run the educational process at its best.
  • Support scientific research and conduct research within specialised units, Encourage financially and morally publication in prestigious international journals.
  • Give scientific research that serves the needs of society the necessary attention.
  • Apply quality standards and routines through total quality management (TQM), and obtain local and international accreditation.
  • Form partnership with reputable international universities, and exchange professors, students and experiences.


Arab International University (AIU) seeks to implement the plans and programs of study in high quality to prepare distinct graduates to meet the needs of the community. It also seeks to establish a strong core of scientific research that supports cognitive progress and participates in addressing issues of the society.