Prof. Dr. Samir Shreba

Samir Shr

Prof. Dr. Samir Shreba


1-Scientific Studies and Research Centre (1976-2006).

1-1: Posts :

a-Assistant researcher,(1976-1985)
b- Researcher, (1985-1990).
c- Senior Researcher, (1990-1996).
d- Research Director, since 1996.

1-2: Responsibilities:

a- Project Manager (Automation) (1977-1979).
b- Project Manager (Research and Developing of Automation of
Industrial Plant) (1987-1990).
c- Project Manager (Research, Developing and Production Engineering of Automatic
of industrial plant) (1990-2001).
d- Project Manager (Automatic testing System's Development) (1999-2001).
e- Planning Manager, Electronics Institute, (2001-2002).
f- Director, Electronics Institute(i.e. developing , Researching and
producing products of Communication ,Automation and
Control, and optical systems of industrial products), (2002-2005).
g- Consultant to the General Director (Quality Control and Reliability), (2005-2006).

1-3: Conferences, and Experiences:
- Lecturing undergraduates at the Higher Institute of Applied Science and Technology.
- Attended many conferences and exhibitions in industry, and research and development fields covering wide range of information and computing and control systems.
- Arab School of Science and Technology.
a-Reliability Engineering. Damascus, Syria.1986.
b-Product development & Production engineering. Damascus, Syria.1988.
- Experience in practical digital and control systems.
- Experience in practical reliability engineering.
- Experience in implementing and managing industrial production facilities.

2-Arab International University at Informatics & Communication Engineering faculty,
Syria.(2006 Till now)

2-1:Posts and responsibilities :

a. Lecturer at the AIU from 2006-2012
b. Associated professor at the AIU from 2012-2016.
c. Professor at the AIU since 2016.
d. Head of Computers and Communication Department (2013-2017).


Lecturer on the following subjects since 2006:
1.Electrical circuits 1.
2.Electrical circuits 2.
3.Electronics Fundamental.
4.Electronic circuits 1.
5.Electronic circuits 2.
6.Electrical and Electronics Circuits.
7.Modern Control Theory.

2-3:University projects:

Supervision of more than 10 junior and senior projects at information and communications Faculty, Arab international university, Damascus, Syria.


- M.Sc. in Digital Systems from Brunel University, London. U.K, 1981.
- Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering (Adaptive Control) from Brunel University, London. U.K, 1985.


- Published a paper in the International Journal of Control.
- Published a report on Identification Algorithm using principle of Least
Squares Errors.
- Published a report on technical feasibility study for servomotors manufacturing.
- Published a report on technical feasibility study for Automatic Test of Complex System.
- Published a report on Gyroscopes.