Attendance and Examinations

 Attendance/Absence policy:

Attending all lectures, university courses and seminars is the main focus in the study plan adopted by Arab International University (AIU). It depends wholly on the credit hour system and on the resolutions issued by the Ministry of higher Education, particularly article 21 in the year 2014. Below you will find the required regulations for the attendance/absence policy at Arab International University:

 The student must abide by the university’s full-time attendance policy, and must be present at all lectures, educational tutorials and seminars according to the study plan adopted by AIU.

  1. The student is not permitted to be absent for more than 15% of the credit hours scheduled for each semester in AIU.
  1. If a student is found to be absent for more than 15% of the credit hours required without a medical reason or unavoidable circumstance, (one accepted by the university Dean), the student will be graded (Z) and barred from the final exam, (according to the student’s GPA, this means they will fail this course). The barred student will have to re-register for that course if it is compulsory.
  1. If the student is however absent for more than 15% of the university’s required credit hours with an accepted medical reason or unavoidable circumstance, the student will be graded (W)- officially withdrawn from that subject, and treated accordingly after informing the university
  1. The medical report for the student's absence must be handled by either the doctor at the university clinic or a hospital approved by AIU. The report must be submitted to the university Dean within a week of the student’s absence. And in serious cases, submitted after one week (at most) of the student’s recovery.


Examination policy:

At AIU, students will be evaluated and graded in each subject during the semester according to their assessments, homework and activities involved in each course, which will reveal how much they have learned and understood from that course.

 Students will be evaluated and graded according to the following:

  1. Assessments or “quizzes”.
  2. Midterm examinations.
  3. Final examinations: Taken at the end of each semester. Students at AIU must achieve a result of at least 25% of their assessments, midterms and any activity carried out prior to the final examinations.
  4. All students must take their final examinations. A student will fail a subject if they receive a grade of less than 25% in that subject, regardless of previous evaluations.
  5. Students who fail to attend their finals due to reasons accepted by the university council, will undergo a follow-up examination. This is according to the regulations issued by the university.
  6. Students’ final grade in a subject will be calculated by summing up the following:
  • The subject’s midterm result.
  • The subject’s final examination result.
  • The subject’s assessments/quizzes throughout the year result.
  • The subject’s homework and educational activities result.
  • The student’s “participation grade” (if available). The total will be the students’ overall grading in that subject.