Knowledge assessment of β-thalassemia disorder amongst Syrian pharmacists, dentists, and physicians

  • 04 Jun 2022
  • Ongoing Research - Pharmacy

Lina Albitar


Post Graduate Studies & Research Council Meeting No. 6, 16/5/2022

Date of Acceptance


There is a critical awareness-raising role for Syrian pharmacists, physicians and dentists in avoiding endemic diseases such as β Thalassemia Major (βTM) in Syria. It is the responsibility of this distinguished group to educate the rest of the community, particularly with regard to the individual health and community welfare. βT is a well-known autosomal recessive hematologic disorder. βTM is the main hemoglobinopathy in Syria. Since late 1990s, Syria has been taking important measures in managing and preventing this genetic disorder, which ranged from opening treatment centers to launching pre-marital testing clinics and various media programs. However, lack of awareness of the disease's consequences and the continuation of marriage between carriers contributes to the perpetuation of the problem. This research aims to conduct an exploratory study on a cohort of Syrian pharmacists, physicians, and dentists to test the depth of their knowledge of βT which is relied upon to raise the level of public knowledge, and spread awareness of this disorder in the Syrian society. The research also aims to discover their attitude towards the available measures to combat this disease, which drains a lot of the country's resources. Hence, knowing the position of this elite group is doubly important because it must affect the rest of the society that follows the example of the medical staff.