The effects of the Russian and Chinese rise in the structure of the international system within the framework of the power transition theory

  • 03 Feb 2023
  • Published Resarch - Law


Khaled Albatran

Published in

Al-Baath University Journal, Volume 44, Issue 11, 2022.



The study seeks to provide an explanation of the shifts in the structure of the international system by using the assumptions of the power shift theory, by shedding light on the Chinese and Russian rise that aspires to bring about a shift in the balance of power.

The study aims to shed light on the most important events in the current century, which is the rise of China and Russia as a challenge to the United States of America in its isolation in the international system, also to clarify the role of force in international relations in achieving its interests, consolidating its presence and promoting its values. A weak state cannot have an impact on international relations, such as that which possesses various components of power.

The study found that there is a correlative relationship between the concept of power in international relations and between the state’s capabilities and capabilities in achieving its interests and in implementing its decisions and its ability to make these decisions. Then the Russian and Chinese rise and the power that these countries possess in their forms made them march towards A step to change the structure of this international system on the one hand, and on the other hand the United States of America seeks to achieve rapprochement with China, as rapprochement with the latter will contribute to preventing any Sino-Russian strategic alliances directed against the interests of the United States of America, unlike Russia, as America considered it Her opponent and her behavior contradicts American interests, as she accused her of violating international law.

Keywords: Power, competition, rise ,Russia, China, United States of America.

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