The Effect of Brand Image on Customer Purchase Decision

  • 16 Sep 2023
  • Published Resarch - Business


Sedra Nasri, Laila Karnit, Massa Shamandour and Victoria Khnouf

Published in

Journal of Service, Innovation and Sustainable Development, volume 4, number 1, pp.58-71, 2023.



Our society is so conscious of a high social status that people prefer to use branded products to show off their status symbol. A brand is considered an implied device through which any business can attain the attraction of people and enjoy a competitive edge. A brand image plays an essential role in impacting consumers purchasing behavior. This study aims to identify the effect of brand image on consumers purchasing decisions. A survey (questionnaire) was used to collect data using a convenient random sample, in which 160 responses participated within two weeks. The program used to analyze the data collected is SPSS. The study was aimed at a local brand (XO) and targeted average-income people like students and know the impact of (XO) brand image on those people. If the brand is managed effectively, a business can enjoy the maximum number of customers and build long-term profitable relations with customers. Improving the quality of products and social responsibilities of any business can positively affect people's behaviors regarding brand image, satisfaction, and loyalty.

Keywords: Brand image, customer decision, customer behavior, product, quality, price, place, promotion.

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