Provisions and Rules

Study time at Arab International University:

Students studying Pharmacy or any Engineering field are allowed a maximum of only eight years at AIU before graduation. All other majors are allowed to remain registered at AIU for a maximum of seven years.

 Suspending and postponing studies:

  1. Students are allowed to postpone their studies before the start of the academic semester if they have reasons to do so. Students are not allowed to postpone their studies for more than four consecutive or inconsecutive semesters. And once a student receives postponement approval, their absence will not be included in the limit of years allowed at AIU.
  2. New students or transfer students will not be allowed to have their studies postponed until they have spent at least one semester at
  3. A student will be allowed to suspend his/her studies if they have a compelling reason to do so after requesting permission from the university Dean and explaining the reasons for suspension.
  4. A student can only apply on the eighth week before the start of the first or second semester or before the fourth week of the Summer semester.
  5. If the suspension is approved, the student will be given a (W) in all their registered courses for that semester.
  6. Unjustified absence on behalf of the student will be included in the limit of study years allowed at AIU.

 Cancelling registration:

If a student is absent from the university for four consecutive semesters without an approved request for postponement, their registration at the university will be suspended during the first half of the fifth discontinued semester. The suspension will be cancelled and the student will only be allowed to continue attending AIU if their return is approved by the university Dean.