Directorate of Student Affairs


The Directorate of Student Affairs at Arab International University (AIU), embodies the vision of the university through providing an appropriate environment so students can excel in their course studies. The directorate supplies AIU learners with plenty of extra activities to help shape their character and ensure they are filling up their spare time with beneficial activities with the appropriate sports competitions and gymnasiums that leverage their performance here at the university. 

The Directorate of Student Affairs offers support in administrative, educational, psychological and physical guidance in order to provide our young learners with all they need to know regarding the university’s organizational systems, and to follow up on their conduct while supplying them with psychological, physical and intellectual qualification.



  1. Identifying and enhancing students’ educational, cultural, intellectual and sport potentials.
  2. Encouraging teamwork spirit in AIU students while inspiring them to participate in voluntary activities to leverage the university and their community.
  3. Establishing the appropriate environment to practice voluntary activities through cooperating with associations and civil society organizations.
  4. Encouraging knowledge interchange through sharing students’ experiences with local, regional and national universities, as well as associations and all supporting councils.
  5. Administrating the university’s National Union activities for Syrian AIU students, through organizing these activities with Student bodies and the Administrative Office of all faculties at the university.
  6. Leveraging students’ eligibility while developing their organizational and administrational capabilities through deploying a variety of university clubs.
  7. Reinforcing national belonging and community service in AIU students by cooperating with all social institutions and associations, and working with them to develop comprehensive growth. 
  8. Organizing diverse student and university activities while securing the relationship between students, their professors and AIU staff members. 



The Directorate of Student affairs has many responsibilities, namely:


  1. Admitting new students

The Directorate of Student Affairs works on organizing an introductory program for new students. This program provides students with overall information regarding the university, and introduces them to its study system, faculties and its facilities via introductory seminars delivered with the help of Voluntary students and students of the National Union.

The program introduces the following:

  1. Life at the university and its campus.
  2. The study and registration system.
  3. The University and student services which include (Libraries- restaurants and cafeterias-transportation-public utility-gymnasiums and sport fields-student forums).
  4. Student activities taking place at the university (educational-cultural-technical-sports).
  5. University rules and regulations.
  6. National Union for Syrian students (AIU office).
  7. University faculties and administrative/teaching system.
  8. The scholarships and deductions offered to students who excel in their academic studies of all faculties.


2. Student and University activities

The university and student activities are considered the focal point of the Directorate of student Affairs. The activities take place in a variety of student clubs.

Each club is administered by one student who excels in that particular activity in collaboration with a council run by six student bodies. A university or administration member supervises this club to make sure all activities are running thoroughly.

All students are permitted to apply for any activity taking place at AIU. To name a few of these activities:

  1. Sports Club
  2. Performing Arts Club
  3. Health and Environment Club
  4. Cinema Club
  5. English Club
  6. Arabic language and culture Club
  7. Music Club
  8. Trips and touring Club
  9. Informatics Club
  10. Business Club
  11. Art Club
  12. Social Club
  13. Automobile Club
  14. Colleague educating Club
  15. Space Science Club


3. Sports Activities

Sports Facilities:

Sports are the main events that take place in a students’ life, this is because of all the beneficial elements it carries on their health and fitness as well as on their educational and intellectual potentials. 

And so, the Directorate of Student Affairs has sought to provide all sport requirements for AIU students, such as playgrounds, gymnasiums and all necessary sports apparatus, this gives students the opportunity to practice any desired sport. The directorate has also employed a number of coaches and supervisors for all the basic sports that take place at the university, especially fitness, aerobics and swimming.


AIU has also built a covered sports complex to include a number of facilities, namely:

  1. A swimming pool: The swimming pool has been constructed with all the necessary apparatus and equipment according to high vocational and health standards. It is set for all types of swimming races and supplied with an Olympic stadium and the most advanced electronic appliances.
  2. Sports centers for sports such as volleyball, basketball, tennis and badminton to coach students who wish to participate in these sport activities as well as train those who desire to undertake self-defense courses.
  3. An aerobics facility supplied with audio and visual equipment.
  4. A Ping-Pong center.
  5. Fitness centers set with the finest gym machines and tools for fitness development, followed by distinctive training programs under top coaching supervision.
  6. A Billiard club


The university also provides the following outdoor playgrounds:

  • A football stadium
  • Two basketball courts
  • Two volleyball courts
  • A handball court
  • Two tennis stadiums


Organizing sports teams and leagues:

The directorate of Student Affairs at AIU pays a great deal of attention towards competitive sport for all ball games, swimming, chess and some self-defense games such as taekwondo, karate and kickboxing. And so for this very reason, league teams have been formed.

University sports championships are organized for all faculties at AIU in collaboration with the National Union for Syrian students at the university, the tournaments are organized for the following sports: football, basketball, chess, swimming and ping-pong along with university league teams who participate in internal and external university championships.

AIU has in fact, put all its efforts into providing students with the opportunity to acquire sufficient sport skills and leverage their potentials in all sports while encouraging them to join university sports teams.

And through this, our younger students can fill their spare time with a variety of fun yet beneficial activities while developing their fitness and maintaining good health. This will in due course, help them excel in their studies and leverage their work performance and thus, achieve the famous saying “healthy mind, healthy body”.