Exploring Motivations and Social Factors Influencing Disaster Relief Engagement: The first cross-sectional study in Syria

  • 20 Apr 2024
  • Ongoing Research - Business

Victoria Khnouf - Rania Alzrair - Raneem Aldeki and Imad Addin Almasri


Post Graduate Studies & Research Council Meeting No. 4, 18/3/2024

Date of Acceptance


The current study explored and revealed in depth the motivations and social factors that drive engagement in disaster relief efforts. with 670 Participants,(Mean±SD= 34.9±13 years), mostly women (58.2%),(62.7%) have witnessed earthquake disaster in Syria,(73.1%) living in Damascus,(71.6%) with a university degree,(40.3%) is considered middle-classed. This research uncovers valuable insights into the relationships between demographics, disaster experiences, motivations, and engagement in disaster relief activities. The findings offer crucial perspectives on how individuals are influenced to contribute their efforts during times of crisis. The Syrian society is found to be truly humane. Additionally, one of the most important findings was that there were significant relationships between some variables, such as gender and the motive of the environment in which the person grew up.