Evaluation of Roller Compact Concrete in Pavement Construction of Tartous port

  • 10 May 2022
  • Recently published Research - Civil Engineering and Building Materials


Bassem Ali

Published in

Tartous University Journal for Research and Scientific Studies, Engineering Sciences Series Vol. (4) No. (4) 2020.



With the development of heavy-duty truck and severe investment conditions (high temperatures summer with low stability) flexible pavement suffer from permanent deformations which effect on its service life. These loads condition such as in harbors, require the search for other pavement types with high durability than conventional flexible pavement. Rigid pavement has been used to improve harbors infrastructure and consists mainly of reinforced concrete slabs, as it is known that this type of pavement is more expensive and requires periodic maintenance, especially joints. Roller compact concrete gives good efficiency and performance to support a heavy trucks and special load conditions. RCC with high durability is used in construction of surface and supporting pavement layers. RCC material is applied using asphalt pavement equipment (paver, roller.). This pavement is successfully applied in the case of low speeds, heavy loads, airport pavement layers construction and in construction of storage yards. RCC provides a cost-effective solution for pavement fast construction and low maintenance. This research will evaluate the use of RCC pavement in construction the pavement layers of exit area of Tartous port with heavy trucks, where the pavement was has been studied and analyzed according to the international methods design finely its characteristics and its performance has been evaluated.

Keywords: RCC.

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