International Credit Mobilities of Syrians during Conflict Opportunities and Challenges

  • 28 May 2022
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Sulaiman Mouselli

Published in

Book: International Student Mobility to and from the Middle East

Theorising Public, Institutional, and Self-Constructions of Cross-Border Students



The extended Syrian war has affected Syrian students’ motives for partic­ipating in ICMs and consequently the representations of ICM students. Syrian students perceive the ICM as an opportunity to start a new life at EU university hoping to transfer their credits and start a new life in Europe as the maximum or just experience a new advanced teaching and learning environment that improves them personally and academically and put them in a better position in the job market at the minimum. This chapter presents the assumptions, opportunities and challenges that face Syrian ICMs during the Syrian conflict.

Keywords: International Credit Mobility (ICM), Syrian War, Erasmus+.

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