The Impact of Children on Family Purchase Decision: A Case Study

  • 20 Aug 2022
  • Published Resarch - Business



Hiba Alfarkh

Published in

Journal of Service, Innovation and Sustainable Development, volume 3, No. 1, 2022.


To highlight the effect of kids on purchasing decisions, this research was conducted to investigate whether there is a kids' impact on the purchase decision of Syrian families or not. The research was based on deductive methodology, which guided us to collect the primary data through a questionnaire based on Likert five scale as well as the sample that was set from an infinite population. To analyze data, we used correlation measurements in addition to two types of regression analysis (simple linear regression plus Stepwise regression). The researcher tested the power of the relationship between children's impact (independent variable) and purchase decision (dependent variable) by applying the demographic variables - gender and age of children, the revenue of family, plus mother's employment status as moderator variables. The results reported here mainly support the findings of the previous studies with some exceptions, where the gender of the child has no significant impact on purchase decision; on the contrary, the child's age significantly impacts purchase decision. On the same side, the mother-employment status has no impact on the purchase decision of the Syrian family, while the family's income affects the purchase decision.

Keywords: Children, family, family purchase decision, children's influence, children's age and gender, mother employment status, income.

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