Review on the Importance of Chitosan in Different Pharmaceutical Applications

  • 03 Feb 2023
  • Recently published Research - Pharmacy


Hourieh AlKadi and  Abdul Wahab Allaf

Published in

Current Applied Polymer Science, volume 5, issue 3, December 2022.



Chitosan is an amino-polysaccharide polymer that has a unique structure, multi properties, highly sophisticated functionality and a wide range of applications in biomedical and pharmaceutical research as well as other industrial applications in connection with both pharmaceutical and medical fields. Additionally, it appears that this unique material can be emphasized as a good candidate for drugs variety carrier, drug release applications, and ocular and antimicrobial applications including treatment of diabetes. This review highlights the importance and pharmaceutical applications of chitosan in different fields of research and applications.

Keywords: Chitosan, dissolution, drug delivery system, pharmaceutical applications, nanoparticles.

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