Simultaneous determination of metformin and empagliflozin in pharmaceutical preparations using the capillary electrophoresis method

  • 27 Jan 2024
  • Ongoing Research - Pharmacy

Mazen Rajab and Huda Mando


Post Graduate Studies & Research Council Meeting No. 2, 4/12/2023

Date of Acceptance


The quality control of pharmaceutical products containing Metformin and Empagliflozin is crucial to ensure their safety and efficacy. Quality control involves a series of tests and procedures to ensure that the drug product meets the required standards for identity, purity, strength, and quality. Capillary electrophoresis (CE) is a powerful analytical technique that has gained increasing attention in pharmaceutical quality control due to its high separation efficiency, sensitivity, and speed. It has been widely used for the analysis of various drug compounds, including Metformin and Empagliflozin separately, in pharmaceutical dosage forms. This technique allows to monitor identity, purity, potency and even stability. The use of CE in pharmaceutical quality control offers several advantages over traditional methods as with chromatography, such as high resolution, low sample and reagent consumption, and reduced analysis time. Therefore, CE is a valuable tool for ensuring the quality and safety of pharmaceutical products containing Metformin and Empagliflozin. In this research, we will develop a new analytical method for concomitant determination for Metformin and Empagliflozin in pharmaceutical dosage forms by Capillary electrophoresis and validate this new method. The method is expected to be worth noting for quality control purposes.